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Paul Pranghofer was one of the students at Marshall U High that encouraged their physical education teacher, Ed Prohofsky, to organize competitive athletics for the physically handicapped. Paul played on the alumni team that competed in the league for one year and coached, without financial assistance, a St. Paul team for 6 years. Starting in 1983, he continues to officiate in all three team sports.

Criteria: Any individual nominated should have officiated in one or more of the adapted sports for a number of years. This person should have demonstrated professionalism and dedication.

Nominee Information:

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Years Officiated at Varsity level: ________________________________________
Adapted Sport(s) Officiated: ________________________________________

Attach a letter, no more than one page, stating why the nominee is deserving of this award. No more than three (3) letters of recommendation may also accompany this form.

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Submit this form and all supporting documentation to the MAAA Executive Secretary on or before April 1, 2011. Selection of winners will be determined by the MAAA Executive Board.

Contact: MAAA Secretary