Tony Labahn PI Outstanding Player Award

In 2001 the Most Valuable Player Award was created in honor of Tony Lebahan and Ed Prohofsky for their groundbreaking initiatives in the development of the Minnesota Adapted Athletics Association (M.A.A.A.).
Tony Lebahn, from his wheelchair and using prosthesis for arms and with no legs, provided the role model for students with physical and or other health impairments. Tony courageously lobbied for athletic opportunities where they did not exist, participated as an athlete, coached, officiated, created adaptations for game rules and served on the MAAA Board.
Ed Prohofsky, as an adapted physical education teacher, listened to the voices of his students who requested the same opportunity to participate in high school sports as regular athletes. As its "Founding Father", Ed provided the leadership in the establishment of the athletic conference, the Minnesota Association for Adapted Athletics which offered season and state tournament play. Because of Mr. Prohofsky's vision and leadership, the Minnesota State High School League adopted this unique, "one of a kind" interscholastic high school athletic program.
One student from each division will be awarded this top honor each year.

1. The athlete needs to have competed in at least 2 of the 3 adapted team sports.
2. The athlete needs to have competed at a high level.
3. The athlete needs to have demonstrated play that was vital to the success of his/her team's success.
4. The athlete needs to have demonstrated good sportsmanship.
5. The athlete needs to have demonstrated positive leadership.
6. Consideration will be given to positive school contributions.
7. The athlete needs to be a senior.

Points can only be earned for during the 4 years of high school (9th grade-12th grade).

1. 1 point earned for every season played. Maximum 12 points.
2. 1 point earned for every season selected as All-Conference. Maximum 12 points.
3. .5 point earned for every season selected as All-Conference Honorable Mention. Maximum 6 points
4. 1 point earned for every state tournament played in. Maximum 4 points.
5. 1 point earned for every All Tournament selection. Maximum 4 points.
6. 1 point earned for each season selected for team captain. Maximum 3 points.
7. 5 points earned for school and community service activities. Maximum 5 points.

1. Nominations must be submitted to the Executive Secretary on or before April 1.
2. The award recipient will be announced at the MAAA Board Meeting in May.





Nominee Information:

Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: ___________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________________
Team Name: ___________________________________________________
Division: _____ C.I. (Prohofsky Award) _____P.I. (Lebahn Award)
Sports with Number of Seasons Participated:
Adapted Soccer: _____ Adapted Floor Hockey _____ Adapted Softball _____

List the quantity of awards earned during high school career (Grades 9 – 12):
Total Varsity Letters: _____ All-Conference: _____
All-Conference Honorable Mention: _____ MSHSL All-Tournament: _____

Attach a letter, no more than one page, stating why the nominee is deserving of this award. Included in this letter must be an explanation of how the individual has over-come his/her particular handicap to be successful. Please include a headshot photo of the student. If the athlete has had more than one head coach in one or more sports, it would be appropriate to have a separate nomination form, or supporting letter, from each coach.

Nominating Coach Information:

Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: ___________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________________
E-mail ___________________________________________________
Sport(s) Coached and Number of Years as a Coach in each Sport:

Reference the Outstanding Player Awards Information Sheet for Relevant Criteria and Procedures.

Contact: MAAA Secretary